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As promised, I, Richard Uzelac, am back to give you an update on the four supplements I have been taking for SIX WEEKS!

Richard-Uzelac-Image-Flexing Muscles-Show-Supplement-Results
Richard Uzelac’s 4 Supplement Update Blog Post

Well, it has been six whole weeks since I started taking the following Richard Uzelac Supplements:


Richard Uzelac Supplements start with Tribulus. This was the Testosterone Booster of the group. It is supposed to inhibit Cortisol and therefore allow your body to use it’s Testosterone better.

Result: This stuff seems to work! One way I can tell is the belly fat I had is much less. It wasn’t much to begin with and basically I have no belly fat now. Overall I am stronger and have better endurance too. I think this stuff works! I have NOT cycled this stuff and have taken it continually, but will cycle off next week and see if there are any changes. Overall I feel more lean and cut. My Score: A+


This one was supposed to reduce Cortisol (that nasty stress hormone that makes you fat) and give you better sleep, less stress. I’m thinking this helps too, I only take one of these in the morning and two at night. This is supposed to help with sleep so I don’t want to take all three in the morning as it may make me drowsy.

Result: I will give this one: B I don’t feel like it helps my sleep over the 25 mg. of Melatonin I have been taking. But I believe it must have contributed to my overall feeling of well being.


This stuff is supposed to lower blood pressure and improve sex drive, liver function and kidney function. This is also supposed to promote a ‘zest for life.’

Result: I feel good overall. The mistake I made is doing all four of these, and adding serious cardio to my workouts, all recently. It is hard to split these all apart. But since I feel so good, in general, I think it is worth to keep this one going too. My Score B.


This one is supposed to be a pre-workout supplement. So I’m using it as such. I take two before every workout, not in the morning like the others.

Result: It is supposed to give stamina and muscle growth, and I have gained 4 lbs. am much stronger and less fat, so maybe this works?? My Score: A+


Overall I feel very good with these four supplements. I feel fitter, stronger, more ripped, less fat. My endurance in running is very good. I can run on the treadmill at 5 all day long. I hurt my knee sprinting at 10 on the treadmill so I’m taking it easy until the pain goes away, 5 is not painful on the machine.
I must say taking Creatine and BCCA’s for the past 3 weeks probably make muddy waters even muddier. That is, I’m not sure if it is these 4 supplements, or the Creatine and BCAA’s or the Cardio that is helping me. Honestly. I THINK they all help me.

Richard Uzelac
Enterpreneur | Founder of Realty Tech Inc
and Go Marketing | California State Powerlifting Champion