Richard Uzelac’s Top 4 New Performance Supplements for Active Seniors

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Richard Uzelac Blog on Testing 4 New Supplements for Older Men

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Best Supplements for Strength, Endurance and Fat Burning, by Richard Uzelac

Supplements Prologue:

“I’ve been working out for almost 50 years now (since I was 2, Haha). And while I strongly believe in the old supplements standards (BCAAs, Creatine, Casein/Whey Isolate Proteins, Multi-Vitamins, Sleep, Fasting, Water) , I wanted to try some of the new Performance Supplements for Active Seniors that are trending now. This is why I wrote Richard Uzelac’s Top 4 New Performance Supplements for Active Seniors.
The first thing I learned is to keep using my standard supplements(listed above), but add these following 4 Supplements to counter act some of the testosterone and cortisol issues that come about with advancing age. After a bit of research I have settled on the following four Supplements that I am starting today. I will update this post or add a new blog in 30 days to report on the results.” – Richard Uzelac

Disclosure: I create these blogs to share for free. You will see links to the products I am trying or use. You can click on the links/ads and see more about the products. If you choose to buy them from these links I get 4.5% of the cost you pay. So if it is a $20 item, I would get 90 cents.

Disclosure 2: Always check with a licensed physician before taking new supplements. I’m not a doctor, so check with your physician first.

1. Tribulus Terrestris

Testosterone: Tribulus is supposed to increase Testosterone in males and estrogen in females. As we age our Testosterone either goes down or our levels of the ‘stress’ hormone Cortisol, which inhibits the use of the body’s natural Testosterone. Tribulus is supposed to reduce Cortisol so that your body can use your own Testosterone. It is probably good to ‘cycle’ this supplement, ex: take it for two weeks, then give it a rest for a week, then take it again for two weeks. This will help to keep it more effective than just using it continually.

2. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is the best Cortisol reducer from the research I found. It is also a great nightime sleep quality enhancer, mood enhancer. Taken with Tribulus, these two help you to sleep better, feel better, reduce belly fat associated with Cortisol hormone and stress, increase Testosterone usage and build muscle. Who doesn’t want that? So I’m trying this one too. Will let you know how I feel after a month.

3. Long Jack:

Long Jack, or Eurycoma longifolia Extract is another Testosterone booster for men. It is also purported to ‘promote low blood pressure, imporoved liver and kidney function, improve mood and sex drive (actually all of these say they help with sex drive, which makes sense Testosterone drives that and all of these aid men of all ages to have better use of the body’s own Testosterone creation), and it promotes a ‘zest for life’! This one is only a 30 day supply, the other two are 90 days, so watch that.

4. Horny Goat Weed

Ok, the name alone, right? I mean seriously I had visions of a lot of horny old goats munching on this and heading out for the does and nanny goats. But seriously, this one is supposed to be a great pre-workout supplement that doesn’t contain tons of jacked up caffeine.
It is supposed to boost nitric oxide and testosterone in the body, with more stamina and growth. It is also said to add stamina and muscle growth, both issues in all of us as we age.


So there you have it! Richard Uzelac’s Top 4 New Performance Supplements for Active Seniors. I read quite a bit and watched a few videos and thought these were the common thread to the whole group of issues that hit athletes as they age: Low Testosterone, Increased Stress/Cortisol levels, Muscle loss, Sleep loss, Lower Energy, Lower Zest for Life, etc. etc. …

After finding the one best supplement that had all of these, I notice the dosage was WAY LOW and the cost was WAY HIGH. So I decided to create my own by getting these four and taking them all.

I will get back to you with the results: Feelings, Sleep, Energy, Muscularity, Fat loss, and overall ‘Zest for Life!

Richard Uzelac's Top 4 New Performance Supplements for Active Seniors Picture of Richard Before
Richard Uzelac’s Top 4 New Performance Supplements for Active Seniors

Cheers, Richard Uzelac, Your Friend in Aging Incredibly Well!

Richard Uzelac
Enterpreneur | Founder of Realty Tech Inc
and Go Marketing | California State Powerlifting Champion