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About Finally Standing:

Over the past 50 plus years, I have been involved with athletics from backyard children’s games to organized competition. In all these years I’ve learned some things and still do weekly. I wanted to offer up some observations on a non-business oriented blog, so this is it. I hope you enjoy it. – Richard Uzelac

Richard Uzelac’s Bio:

Richard Uzelac is an entrepreneur, multi-business owner, investor, consultant and coach living outside of Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Florida, Richard Uzelac spent his youth outside of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Richard attended Penn State University and received a degree in Journalism with a minor in Film Making.

Richard Uzelac was a chef in six restaurants while in his teen and early 20’s. “The great thing about being a chef or cook is you can eat your work. Nothing to sneeze at when you are a starving student. Being a good cook literally saved my life,” said Richard Uzelac

After College Richard Uzelac became a political writer for a New Jersey newspaper, the Ocean County Times.  He also worked in Real Estate and made industrial films for industrial clients.

Since writing offered Richard little in the way of compensation, he decided to get a real estate license and sell properties. Within one full year in the business he became the number one listing agent for Century 21 in all of New Jersey.

“Jersey was so boring compared to Penn State that I had to keep busy. Back then the interest rates for mortgages was over fourteen to seventeen percent! It was crazy. Home prices were cheap, but the payments were stupid. It was a very weird market, but I had to get out of the office and make things happen. So, I did. I knocked door to door every single day for six months. I was outworking everyone and listing everything in sight. Agents hated me for that, but I didn’t care, I wasn’t going to fail,” Richard Uzelac said.

Government Life: Richard left real estate to move to California and worked in the federal government for the Federal Aviation Administration. “Yep, I was on the government dole! It gave me a firsthand experience how wasteful the government was with taxpayer’s money, “said Richard Uzelac.

After ten years as a Federal Employee Richard lost hearing to the point of not being qualified to work in the FAA. Richard moved to Hollywood, CA to pursue a new passion, movie production. Richard Uzelac worked in movies as a Location Manager or Orion Pictures and for Paramount. Just look for “The Maker”, “Back in Business” and “Retroactive” check for his credit: Richard Uzelac, Location Manager.

“Working in the movie industry was so much fun. As a location manager, I had to be the first person at the location to let the Teamsters and their trucks of equipment into the set in the wee hours and the last person to leave the location after I kicked everyone off the set. I learned how crazy and hard it was to make a movie with all the moving parts. The people that work on them are a different breed, all so creative and a bit wild, “said Richard Uzelac.

While managing locations for films, Richard Uzelac became a 3D Animator and later Producer working at places like Rezn8 and Reality Check in Hollywood, California. He won an Emmy award for Design and Animation for the Winter Olympics for CBS Sports. It reads:

1998 Sports Emmy Awards

“Outstanding Achievement in Graphic Design”

Richard Uzelac on Frank the Horse
Richard Uzelac on Frank the Horse

The 1998 Olympic Winter Games CBS

Richard Uzelac. Animator

“I won an Emmy! Whoopie! How cool is that? It wasn’t all me, by a long shot. I was lucky enough to be invited to work with a great team of artists and I got to contribute to the cause. I still have that statuette in my office to this day,” Richard Uzelac stated.

After leaving Animation Richard Uzelac was hired by a huge website company; Homestore Inc (later renamed Move.com) as Senior Director of Production for all Homestore Inc online portals.  Richard Uzelac was the lead for Realtor.com website design, production and direction.  Richard Uzelac was also the Director of: HomeBuilder.com, Apartments and Rentals.com, FactoryBuiltHousing.com, ICREA.com, Homestore.ca and Homestore.com

“Homestore and Realtor.com were a blast! It was early in the DOT COM Boom and we were all learning on the job. As an ex-Hollywood movie manager and working on do or die graphic production for television, I was used to crushing deadlines and creating as you go. The Dotcom world was different. The deadlines were soft, and the people were better at talking than doing. I put my team of 85 employees on deadlines and we all hit them.  I was told we did in seven weeks what it took the previous leader seven months to accomplish. That’s what Hollywood “Hit this deadline or you’ll never work in this town again” mentality will do for your ability to produce!”, exclaimed Richard Uzelac.

After leaving Realtor.com he became Richard Uzelac, CEO of RealtyTech Inc. He is still CEO of RealtyTech.com and GoMarketing.com and their associated corporations.

For RealtyTech Inc. and GoMarketing Richard Uzelac holds the designations of, President, and CEO. He is also called Richard Uzelac, Founder of both companies as well. Richard’s newest company is Absolute Strategic Agent, offering software in bulk to Multiple Listing Services nationwide.

Richard Uzelac has given over 1,000 Presentations, Seminars and Webinars talking on such subjects as Real Estate Marketing and Technology, Internet Marketing for Companies and professionals.

“RealtyTech.com and GoMarketing.com are my babies! I’ve owned these two companies for over 18 years! Can you imagine?” asked Richard Uzelac. “It’s been a trip. Since that first day I was visiting Philadelphia with my brother when I kept getting calls on my Nokia flip phone that we ‘Sold one more!’ software license, and another and another and another,” laughed Richard Uzelac. “I felt like Bill Gates! Wow, they were fun and heady times”, Richard Uzelac added.

Richard Uzelac has been involved in fitness all his life. He has competed as a wrestler in high school and at Penn State University. Richard Uzelac won his last wrestling tournament at the age of 45 in Los Angeles California. Richard Uzelac also trains boxing, kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

“I have enjoyed martial arts for all my life. From Wrestling to boxing, all of it, I just love the challenge. I can’t say I was ever great, but I could certainly hold my own, still can,” Richard Uzelac boasted. “But after a few broken bones and lots of other injuries I’ve curtailed my live kickboxing and boxing sparing to a minimum. When you get towards sixty, you prize mobility and a healthy body more than wins and losses, “Richard Uzelac stated.

Richard Uzelac and Family
Richard Uzelac, Alex and Bailey at the Wolf Connection

Richard Uzelac competed in the Mr. Southbay Cities Natural Body Building Contest in Venice California, taking fourth place on one week of prep. “That was crazy to enter a contest like that with guys dieting for months for it and I got fourth after just a week of work. It was a blast,” Richard Uzelac said. Later on, a dare by a fellow gym rat had Richard Uzelac signed up for the California State Powerlifting Championships when he was 36 years old. Uzelac won the State Championship for the North American Strength Association (NASA) on his first try as a 181 pounder, Sub-Master competitor.  “I’ve been lucky with natural strength. People would look at me at 181 lbs. back then and then see me deadlift 550 lbs. or squat 500 lbs. and they couldn’t believe it.  I couldn’t either but I LOVED lifting big and natural,” Richard Uzelac recalled.

Richard Uzelac is an avid Motorcycle and Automobile Racing Competitor. He raced Motocross in Pennsylvania in his youth. After some sever accidents, he moved on to racing cars. He first auto crossed a 1985 Toyota MR2 sportscar to a SoCal championship. Richard Uzelac later started racing a Porsche 911 in the Porsche Owners Club in the Southwest United States.  During eight years of competition Richard set four track records and won three championships.

Richard Uzelac lives in Thousand Oaks, California with his wife, Dr. Alexandra Chaux, his daughter Bailey and their Golden Retriever, Lulu.

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