Why Group Fitness Classes are a Good Idea for Older Men by Richard Uzelac

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According to the NIDDK, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive Kidney Diseases, around 30 percent of the population in the US is overweight, and 42 percent is obese. Now all of this is just to say – it is common for people to take their health for granted. 

Now, you do know that you are not alone with the sheer fact that you and I are maybe among those that are part of that big chunk. Shouldn’t we then tell ourselves to work harder? 

Or maybe I supposed you are working out to build muscles and had numerous attempts to start with the journey but eventually stopped. Then, these Group Class Workouts will definitely be the answer for our wrong foot start of the journey to fitness. 

friends talking to teach other after a group class fitness session

What is a Group Class workout? 

A group class workout is a type of exercise that allows you to work together with others in order to achieve a common goal. Group fitness programs are exercise programs that take place with other people and are led by a skilled instructor.

What are some Group Class Fitness That You Can Join? 

As if the sound of Group Class Fitness compels you, wanting you to join. But you haven’t really had any exact thoughts about where to begin and how you find yourself in the correct spot of a group of class workouts. 

As a beginner, you may definitely have these questions circling around you. This is uncommon, and for me to summon you to start your way to join a group fitness class, let me just remind you how much of the proportion contributes to these groups that need to strive to work out. And furthermore, regardless of age, Group Class Workout is the best way to begin and maintain your fitness. 

  • Yoga                          
  • Pilates
  • Aerobics
  • Weight Lifting
  • Cycling
  • KickBoxing
  • Tai Chi
group class running workout
group exercise work out

Reasons Why You Should Join a Group Fitness Class

  1. Reduce the Risk of Diseases

As you go along with your group class, you will find yourself losing Weight. With these comes along the benefit of you likely not to developed diseases caused by unwanted fats or obesity, such as: 

  • High blood pressure (hypertension).
  • High LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, or high levels of triglycerides (dyslipidemia).
  • Type 2 diabetes.
  • Coronary heart disease.
  • Stroke.
  • Gallbladder disease.

Without saying, these are dreadful and are the number one causes that lead to mortality which you are likely avoiding, especially when you’ve reached your 30s. – Richard Uzelac

  1. Lose Weight 

In addition, with all those prevention for diseases, you can enjoy seeing calorie deficit as you work out and burn calories. 

  1. Sense of Belongingness 

Having a group working towards a common goal provides security and support to overcome concerns, such as fear of difficulty or failure. Say, for example, you are feeling defeated by not seeing improvements after 2 weeks of working out. Because of the group fitness class, you get to share your feelings and goals with another individual and get to see their point of view. 

Thus, creating positive impacts on your social health regardless of your age. 

  1. Good for Mental Health 

One other health benefit of joining a group is it’s good for your mental health. Not only that it contributes to positive social interaction, one study showed that a group of elderly individuals revealed that group fitness enhances their motivation, and in addition to that, these individuals displayed positive behavioral changes that improved their daily lives.  Moreover,  working out with a group of people will drive you more motivation. In studies, it has been shown that a person will feel motivated if they feel like they’re part of a team. 

  1. Self Awareness

Like many of us, I also have hoped to have an established workout routine that I can stick to. Like setting up an alarm for a workout, but I always end up sleeping through it or snoozing it. But with a Group of Class Fitness, I find myself in a disposition to hold myself accountable. Because in a group fitness class, you wouldn’t like to be seen late, and you’ve paid for it, so you are likely to show up to your classes. 

  1. The Benefit of Working with A Professional and with Low Cost

A professional workout instructor can help you maintain the right workout form. In addition to preventing strain and injury, working in a group setting is more affordable than hiring a personal trainer. Taking classes with a group fitness instructor gives you the opportunity to learn.

  1. Makes You Socially Healthy 

They say it’s hard to get friends or even maintain friendships when you get older. Now having reached my early 60s, I couldn’t quite disagree. When I was younger, I could hang out with my friends. Having them gives me a reason to go out and get out of my social ineptness. But as I aged, a lot of things got on my plate; work, retribution for my body to rest from work, and another reason for work, the corporate – where I used to meet and socialize with many. So having a group of class fitness will give you a reason to make friends while staying motivated.

Richard Uzelac
Enterpreneur | Founder of Realty Tech Inc
and Go Marketing | California State Powerlifting Champion