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Richard Uzelac’s Fitness Over 60.

Here are the Five Key Elements to Richard Uzelac’s Getting or Remaining Fit and Happy over 60:

Hi Everyone, Richard Uzelac here. It’s been a while that I posted on this blog. The last post was a bit off topic, but now I want to get back on topic with: Richard Uzelac’s Fitness Over 60.

1.   Get The Right Amount of Sleep for YOU:

I need eight hours of sleep, pretty consistently. Some of you may feel great with less, sometimes, much less.  This is all well and good, if you REALLY feel great and are healthy.  Too many times I talk with people that say they are fine with five hours of sleep per night and their appearance and temperament don’t match. They look older than their years and are more susceptible to colds and illness.  Bottom line: Get the right amount of sleep for you to feel rested, energetic and clear thinking the next day.

2.   Eat Properly:

Yeah, like this one’s going to get definitively answered here! Here goes: Everything in moderation. Yup, I’m quoting advice from over sixty years ago. But the idea is valid. The current advice of Plant-Based Diets, Paleo Diets and Keto Diets have a great deal of research to back them up, especially the Plant-Based and Vegan diets, all I would add is everything in moderation. I personally eat fairly clean. Mostly fruits, veggies, and meats. I try not to eat breads, grains, processed foods and milk-based products when I can. If I eat something processed, I try not to for a while to make up for it. I like most meats but I don’t have to have meats every meal as I did when I was younger.

3.   Exercise Regularly:

Oh yeah! This one is the most fun to me! I love to exercise and feel the effects afterwards.  Regular exercise with both cardio and weight training is as important as Sleep and Food for people. I have no doubt of this. Sedentary people suffer from way more illnesses and diseases than those that stay active. Physical activity is the fountain of youth. Get a watch that monitors your activity and try to meet your goals every day. I’ve personally set a goal of 10,000 steps per day, on top of my goals to workout at least five times every week. A very important thing to remember when exercising in your sixties and older is to work your way up slowly and safely. I can still do 25 strict pull-ups at my age, but I worked my way up to that number over years. I know if I injure myself now the recovery is three times longer than it used to be! So slowly work your way into exercising or changing your routine. Don’t let your ego discourage your efforts.

4.   Drink More Water:

We are 90% water! Can you imagine? If we don’t replace water in our bodies the whole body becomes toxic and starts to shut down. You can actually survive for weeks without food, but only a few days without it. This is that important! Drink filtered clean water. I like to drink at least six 12 oz glasses per day, more when I’m sweating and working in the out doors.

5.   Reduce Extra Stress:

I say ‘extra’ stress because all of us living people have stress in our lives. It is inevitable and actually good for our well being to have stress and overcome it. With no stress we actually begin go atrophy physically, mentally and spiritually. What I’m talking about here is EXTRA stress we put on ourselves that we do not need to add to ourselves. Most of this Extra stress shows up in the following areas:
  • Taking on too many tasks we don’t need to: Learn to say no or set limits on what you need to accomplish in a day, week, or month.
  • Working too much in a job you are not passionate about: Either try to get another job or pace yourself for your own sanity.
  • Taking things too seriously: You aren’t really all that. Sorry, you aren’t and neither am I. We are just people that were given the gift of life. When we are gone there will some remembrance, but then poof, we will most likely be forgotten.  Learn to laugh at yourself and enjoy the blessing you have.
  • Not taking care of YOUR needs: Making everyone else happy is a sure way to make yourself miserable or resentful. Let’s face it, people will let you take care of them so don’t hate them for it. People are opportunistic and will let you sacrifice for them. What about you?  How about you take care of yourself first, then help others when you can. This sounds selfish, but ah, it is! But you wont’ be miserable and resentful. You will be happier and more joyful in general. And then you will bring that happiness into other people’s lives, a Win-Win!
There you have it ! Richard Uzelac’s five ways to live better over sixty. The secrets to a great life. The fountain of youth! The answer to ALL of your questions. Sincerely, Richard Uzelac Richard Uzelac is the CEO of RealtyTech Inc. and of GoMarketing.com  

Richard Uzelac

Enterpreneur | Founder of Realty Tech Inc and Go Marketing | California State Powerlifting Champion