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I had to post this awesome image of my incredible cousin David Kekich. David is a world reknowned though leader in the Life Extension arena.  David it an avid Blogger and his Newsletters are inspiring. Go to his site www.MaxLife.org and sign up today. Better yet, contribute to his amazing foundation designed to help you live a longer healthier life! Ok, on to my Gym update. At 61 years old, I must say I’m very happy with the condition of my body! This last week alone I hit two new twelve month Personal Bests (PRs):
Pushups: I did 60 pushups non-stop in one go. That is up from my usual 50 for the past 8 months. Pullups; This one is amazing folks! Richard Uzelac just did THIRTY pullups! Yup, thas’ right my friends 30 Pull-ups! If you don’t think this is World-Class over sixty years old, then you must be a serious stud. I have yet to see ANYONE in the Gold’s Gym or 24 Hour Fitness gyms I go to get more than 20. Bench Press: Gone are the days of 335 lbs. benches but last week I hit 255 for 2-3 reps twice. The second time I felt weak, but still got it. I have to say I have watched a couple of benchpress videos on YouTube and that certainly helped with my setup and drive. I think I will have 275 in a month or two. Don’t get me wrong, this is hard stuff. I’m out of breath and light headed for about three minutes after doing eigher of this high rep killers. After the pullups I need to sit down and get my wits back. It isn’t easy. Richard-Uzelac-Fitness-8-19   So how do I do it? I’m actually not sure, honestly. But here are my best guesses: Richard Uzelac’s Key Ingredients to Weight Training Success: Richard Uzelac’s Diet: My lovely wife Dr. Alexandra Chaux-Uzelac feeds me mostly a plant based, non-processed diet. Her commitment to clean eating is probably the biggest impact on my recent gains in strength and body shape and composition. Richard Uzelac’s Sleep: 8 hours per night is my goal. I usually miss that by 30 minutes but even still 7.5 hours on a consistant basis has helped me a great deal. Richard Uzelac’s Consistancy: I’m in the gym at least four days per week. On the weekend I concentrate on Hiking, Ocean swimming, or Gardening (on a half acre yard, it’s a lot of work, with a steep staircase).  SO with the weekend I’m at at least six days per week of strenuous activity. Other than that, I think being present during my workouts has helped. I had be part Zombie in the guy for a couple of years, always thinking of something else, an issue or worry.  Now a days I’m very present and I’m very GRATEFUL just to be there. Next Up: Cardio. At 185 lbs, I’m carrying some excess fat. I’m gonna start working on that now. Need to increase my calorie intake when that happens so I don’t shrink too much. Gonna be interesting. Richard Uzelac’s Gratitude: The older I get the more grateful I have for every day. My morning alarm on my phone says: “Thank God For Another Day”  I try to think of that more these days. In the gym, I’m just smiling all the time.   Best Regard, Richard Uzelac

Richard Uzelac
Enterpreneur | Founder of Realty Tech Inc
and Go Marketing | California State Powerlifting Champion