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BCAAs Cause Richard Uzelac to go all in with Old School Supplements, They Work!

BCAAs work! I’ve been taking them along with the Creatine and the other supplements I take for two full months. This group of supplements I researched about three months ago have done their stuff and I’m very happy with the results From now on, I promise not to just Supplement you all to death, or at least I’ll try not to.

Richard Uzelac, Bogey Board Novice uses BCAAs for muscle growth and endurance.
Richard Uzelac, Bogey Board Novice

What are BCAAs ?

So, it seems BCAA’s have been around for forever too! BCAA stands for; Branch Chained Amino Acids. BCAAs are the essential amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. These three Aminos make up about 33% of your muscle proteins. They be called ‘Essential’ Aminos because they are the ones your body can NOT make on it’s own. You gotta get them from food, food you may not eat enough of to get H-U-G-E! You feeling me?

What Do BCAAs Do?

Fuel for the fire. The fuel is Glycogen, the energy source of your muscles. BCAAs preserve the fuel so you get better workouts, recovery, and growth. If you run out of Glycogen, your body starts cannibalizing your muscle protein! NOOOOOooo! Can’t have that. So, get you some BCAAs my friends.

More BCAA Info

Leucine is the most important of the three BCAAs. You get Leucine from brown rice and whole wheat. Most meats and eggs have it as well. The other two can be had in nuts, dairy, grains, mushrooms and peanuts. I get it there but supplementing it guarantees my levels are at least baseline every day.


BCAA supplementation started for Richard Uzelac about two months ago. Said subject test dummy started showing significant strength, stamina, pain reduction and faster recovery times after ALL the new supplements were being used after six (6) weeks. I trust Richard Uzelac’s research, because, um, he’s me. So I believe ALL my supplements are working in conjunction as planned. Expect more to follow. All this fitness makes me want to travel and take photos!

Richard Uzelac
Enterpreneur | Founder of Realty Tech Inc
and Go Marketing | California State Powerlifting Champion