Richard Uzelac’s Joy and Pain of Cardio Exercise

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Richard Uzelac says, “You will pay a price for Cardio Training, but you will pay a bigger price by not Cardio Training!

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The Joy and Pain of Cardio Exercise: An Observation

“My wife and i just love to hike the High Sierras! We have hiked Mt Baldy, and rest of the southern Sierras and Mt. Whitney, Yosemite and Mt. Shasta. And I need to make this crystal clear: It’s way more enjoyable and safer if you have deal with the Joy and Pain of Cardio Exercise¬† fitness before you start!” – Richard Uzelac

Richard Uzelac and Alexandra at 12,000 ft climbing Mount Whitney standing in front of a high mountain lake
Richard Uzelac and Alexandra at 12,000 ft climbing Mount Whitney standing in front of a high mountain lake enjoying the joy and pain of cardio exercise together.

You have to Choose

1.  You pay for whatever you chose, but you must pay.

You’ve all heard the old adage, “Pay me now or pay me later”, this is absolutely the case with Cardio Vascular Exercise. If you train cardio you know the pain of raising your heart rate through running, climbing, boxing, swimming, what ever. Everything in your being screams out for you to slow down and take it easy, not reach the proper heart-rate for cardio vascular exercise.   The rule of thumb is your maximum heart-rate is 220 minus your age.  Your target rate during exercise should be 85% of that rate. Well getting it to that rate and exceeding it is when the pain comes it. If you want to burn fat you need to keep that rate up around 85% for at least 25 minutes. That’ hard! Believe me. Especially when you are starting.

So you could chose to avoid the pain of training and then pay the price in your every day life/activities. I paid that price on our climb at Yosemite before I realized that I stopped training for Cardio about a year earlier! How did that happen? I don’t know but I think I just got lazy. Well I paid for it on the Climb to the highest waterfall in Yosemite, it was painful! I paid my price.

2.   Why You Should ChoseRichard Uzelac’s Joy and Pain of Cardio Exercise Training to Augment your Weight Training.

The benefit of Cardio training along with weight training is this. You can be both strong, muscular AND participate in all the fun physical cardio activities of life, any time you feel like it. Who doesn’t want that? I’ve seen big muscular guys gas out on hikes because their cardio fitness was pathetic. I’ve also seen cardio kings that couldn’t open a Gatorade bottle with their grip strength. Balance is the key!

Studies have been done that indicate weight training is as beneficial as cardio training as we age. Weight training helps with stronger bones, and an increased ability to avoid falls (a sometimes disastrous event for Seniors).  Having strong cardio fitness allows a Seniors heart beat slower with less stress!

3. You can stop being a Coward and look better with Cardio added to your weight training routines!

Richard Uzelac climbing Mt. Whitney at 13,500 feet elevation
Richard Uzelac Feeling the Joy and Pain of Cardio climbing Mt. Whitney at 13,500 feet elevation

Admit it, we all want to look our best. For me it shows I’m not a coward that sits around and lets my body waste away. I say ‘Coward’ because that’s what you are if you do not weight train and cardio train each and every week, or day for that matter, if you are physically at all possible.

I also say ‘Coward’ because I am guilty of it. I have never liked Cardio for as long as I can remember. I don’t like the pain and unease I get when my heart is pushing 150 beats per minute. But I have learned to embrace my discomfort, realizing that the greater good: Cardio Vascular Health and Well Being, is worth the pain. There is also the savage personal satisfaction that, ‘Hell yeah! This kinda sucks but I’m going to push through it for the health benefits AND the self satisfaction that I took control of my health even though there’s pain associated with that effort.  This follows my Stoic Philosophy on Life.

Richard Uzelac is a Non-Certified Health Expert, and Non-Certified Medical Expert. So in that case, it is suggested you consult with your Certified folks before starting any exercise programs, get me?

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