Richard Uzelac’s 90-Day Supplement/Workout Update: I’m stronger and bigger.

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Richard Uzelac’s 90-Day Supplement/Workout Update: Bigger, Stronger, more Endurance.

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“Here is my ‘Richard Uzelac’s 90-Day Supplement/Workout Update: Yup, this is working, and it’s fun as hell to get gains like this when I’m over 60 years old!”

Richard Uzelac

90-Day Supplement/Work Update: The Beginning

Flat and No Cardio in My Workouts.

In early October 2019 I was feeling very flat in the gym. I had been working out steadily forever, almost literally. I had mostly quit my martial arts training due to almost constant impact injuries. Martial Arts were fun and exciting and I had very good cardio from the workouts.

This left me with weight training as my only serious workout. Cardio was not a big part of my workouts at the gym. I’d go to the gym and do 10 minutes of jogging on the treadmill or 10 minutes on the elliptical. Those workouts didn’t even get me to sweat and my cardio sucked.

Well Hello There, Cardio!

To cure the workout blues I decided to start running on the treadmill. It was painful and uncomfortable. Read about my Cardio journey here.

Treadmill Interval training did the trick. I began to sweat. I had inner ‘Don’t quit, you coward!’ conversations will on the treadmill at 10! I began to sweat an fear for my life as I ran harder on the treadmill than I had in years. Phew! It was exciting! Just as I got when punching people in the face at Bas Rutten’s Elite MMA gym, I started loosing fat, and feeling better about myself. [Side note: I went to the Tilted Kilt in Thousand Oaks, CA to watch the Cowboy/McGregor fight and Bas was there so we chatted a bit to catch up. I’m now thinking of going back to Elite, more to come later…]

The Fitness Train Kept a Rolling with Supplements

Richard Uzelac’s 90-Day Supplement/Workout Update really starts with Cardio. The running somehow helped to alleviate my back pain! That was wonderful! I felt great. The only thing was, I wasn’t as strong as I had been and I wasn’t progressing on my lifts at all. There was a slight reduction in the weights I was lifting.

Success breeds more success and I felt good with the cardio, what’s next? Supplements was my answer. As we age our body chemistry changes. Our testosterone either diminishes or it is not so easily absorbed/utilized. [There is debate on that]. So I studies supplements to see if my testosterone and general muscle generation could be supported better. I watched videos on YouTube and searched on Google until I came up with the supplements to take initially. Read about them here. In no time I began to feel stronger and healthier than I had in years.

Richard Uzelac’s Supplements Round 2: Creatine and BCAAs

Creatine was added after I read that it is both beneficial and not dangerous to the body. Creatine is natural, and adding Creatine has been shown over 40 years to be be effective.
The next oldie but goodie that came up was BCAAs, Branch Chained Amino Acids. Read about them here.

Richard Uzelac’s Supplements and Cardio Program Results

Strength: My strength tests are: Bench Press, Incline Shoulder Press, Pull ups, Biceps and Triceps machine curls. On all of these moves my strength has increase between 15% and 22% in the past 100 days. IF you have lifted for many years like me, you know that this is an almost unbelievable claim. Guys in their 60s don’t just get 20% stronger very often. 99% of older lifters just want to maintain what they have, not reduce power. The Richard Uzelac Cocktail of Supplements have proven to me that older lifters CAN get stronger on this protocol, at least this older lifter can!

Cardio: I’m the first to admit that I do not fully understand the correlative effect of Cardio on strength and conditioning when combined with these supplements. I wish I could tell you that. But I can tell you that Cardio is amazing. To have the ability to continue on both when you are feeling great or not feeling great is amazing. I feel like there is a reservoir I can dip into any time I need it. The level of fun associated with endurance and better recuperation with cardio and these supplements is incredible.

Richard Uzelac’s Finally Standing Conclusion: I currently have three people interested in this program. I’m not selling anything here, I just want people that are passionate about getting or staying in shape to be able to reach their goals. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will do my best to help.

God Bless You, Your Families, Our Country and World

Richard Uzelac