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Robert Downey Jr, Brad Pitt, Jamie Fox, Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp, and Denzel Washington are famous and good-looking celebrities, as everyone would tell. Would you believe it if I told you they’re over 55 and even some of them are already in their 60s? I bet you must be shaking your head off. While we almost thought that when we got to our 50s or 60s, we could lose our edge. Well we guess wrong these gals are evidence that we could still have our mojo even in our middle ages. Think it’s time to get started. The two important keys to having ourselves stay in shape are building our muscle mass and losing those built fats. As we get to this age, we must consider our strengths. Moreover, testosterone level drops. Thus I’ll tell you what kind of exercise I do in my 60s.

Guess it’s no sweat to know that as we age, our bodies wouldn’t stay at their level of cortisol tolerance. Having too much cortisol otherwise would have our testosterone even drop fast. So we don’t want to be going the other way around and crushing it. So we need to boost our testosterone and build metabolism hormones that help burn fat and build muscle. This is what we call a “Metabolic and BodyWeight Cardio Workout.”: A workout that only uses body weight. Remember that after every round of this routine workout, you will need to rest for one minute. And while doing each exercise for 30 seconds, follow it with 30 seconds of rest too. Let’s get started
    • Jumping Jacks – To start the round of this workout, we’re going to need this simple routine. Do not bow your head, and keep breathing all the way throughout the movement. You may also do an advanced version of this called predator jacks: Crouching down while grabbing the knees and exploding all the up.
    • Wide Grip Push Ups and Close Grip Push Ups – Looking to avoid muscle fatigue and strengthen your chest? This wide-grip pushup is a great exercise. It targets your chest and triceps and engages many muscle groups in one set. Close Grip Push up seeis keeping your hands close to each other while being close to your body 
    •  Bicycles-  this is gonna help you build your core and obliques and, at the same time, the lower back muscles. Meet the opposite elbow to the opposite knee while kicking your legs.
    • Regular Stand up Burpees – Keep in mind that this is not a push up and you need to keep this movement as fast as you can. You just have to keep your legs out quickly, like doing a push-up and then pushing up all the back to a standing position. This could be a great warm up exercise
    • Planks- Start with your body straight, shoulders stacked under the elbows, and palms facing down. Then squeeze the glutes, hold for 10 seconds,
    • Plank Hip Variation- This is just another plank variation, and the only difference is that you just need to raise your hips in the air  and then right back to the regular plank position
  • Mountain Climbing- It starts with a plank, and then you move your legs like climbing up so you might feel that you are skimming the floor. But you’re going to do it real fast, making it a very good cardiovascular exercise. 
Are you still feeling not in the mood to workout? check out these tips to help you move those muscles.

  • Muscle WARM UP – even if you feel like not working out on the day you could do warm up. Skipping work out doesn’t sound good of course unless you have an important reason like not feeling well or an urgent matter comes up. Put WARM UP on the number one list to your goal regimen. Warm-up makes your body in a perfect condition for a workout and helps prevent injury.
    • Remember that you’re doing this workout for your overall health and not to look good. Look always follows but the rule of the thumb is to live healthily. While building muscles and removing those fats, your body will be at its best and avoid many diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, liver diseases, and more.
    • Work on your posterior chain more often. This will minimise the body being pulled by gravity due to weak muscles. Back exercises target your spine and the back of your legs, thus doing more pulling exercises. 
    • Exercise your joints  As you age, your joints can feel stiff and achy. Regular exercise can ease the pain associated with arthritis and reduce joint stiffness. It can also help preserve your body leanness and help you build muscle..
  • Remember don’t push yourself too hard on Dumbells and Deadlift – As we grow older, our tendons over the stomach weaken so when you have too much pressure in doing deadlifts or dumbells, you could develop a hernia. You might probably need abdominal support while doing this, like a gym belts.  To be safe do bodyweight lifting only.Take it from a California State Power Lifting NASA in 1991 and 1992 Richard Uzelac
You’ve got this! Remember the tips above and modify your workout routine to whatever suits you. You also don’t need to go to the gym and can do this at your place. I know it sounds a little embarrassing having to workout in front of your family bet you, this will make you cooler. And avoid those workouts that you think are hard for your body as the whole point of this workout is to prolong your testosterone and get those charm and look like you’re not even a day older with like 50? When you’re 60.
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-Richard Uzelac

Richard Uzelac
Enterpreneur | Founder of Realty Tech Inc
and Go Marketing | California State Powerlifting Champion